Marlen Karletidou's Art Workshop for Children & Teenagers

                      1987-2017   30years of children’s creativity

Marlen Karletidou's Art Workshop gives the opportunity in small groups of children & teenagers

to develop their creativity through art.
The workshop space is transformed into a microcosmos of ideas, images and experiences. Through observation, creative dialogue, fantasy, self expression and experimentation, the participants can give visual form to ideas, realities and imagination. They have the chance to practice with

a variety of art materials and different techniques. Both solo and group work stresses matters of respect and acceptance to each other's individuality, but also encourages collectiveness

and cooperation. An introduction to the history of art, visits to museums, and art exhibitions, as well as the study of nature, give to the young creators a more complete, aesthetic and cultural knowledge. 
Teenagers will go further, to study perspective through visual observation, dealing more with matters of shadow, colour, composition, form and context. The workshop also offers preparation for the english art exams IGCSE Art O Level & AS + A Level as well as a portfolio preparation

for submission to fine art schools.

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