"After the Parade" 2019  

[60X70 cm - water mixable oil colour on cotton canvas]

The transformation of an environment through the quest of light and harmony, where the human presence has a predominant role in the composition, and coexists in serenity. 


“Summer Breeze” 2019

A summer strolling in ways where earth, mountains, sea and sky merge without interventions. A journey in the serenity and peacefulness of nature, where person returns and awakens. The gold full moon of July attracts my attention for a long time. The moon gradually disappears. Luminous stars guide the glance even more further, to a universe that eternally observes.

By a rocky, quite sea-shore stands a small, simple, square, domed building, faded from summer’s vivid light. People, strangers to this environment, rest in the midday heat.
At sunset, by the glade of the holy rock, summer visitors saunter along capturing the moment in an electronic device. Sea breeze immobilizes the senses at present time. Reality is here. Do we see it?


I walk along the paths in the no sea park. Each moment is like an eternity.
The cypresses spread their indented branches and a small dance is unrolled. Evening falls...

From Labyrinth to Light 2018

(150X150 cm mixed media on stretched cotton canvas)

Four concentric circles define the space of a labyrinth, a symbol related to wholeness that represents the journey to our own centre and back again to the world. In the cenrte a round vintage lace refers to the Samsara cycle, where the Lotus flower above is the symbol of purity and rebirth to spiritual awakening.  Three children enter the labyrinth space and experience this spiritual path of creativity, harmony and light.

​© 2020 Marlen Karletidou - All rights reserved

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From Labyrinth to Light 2018

Detail 1