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In Quest of Light and Harmony

The elements of light and harmony occupy the central part of my artwork not only on the material plane, but also as a way of life.

Light creates the space, through a smooth tonal grading that is changing atmospherically, determining the infinite boundaries of earth, sea and sky. Soft, pastel shades of colour, with a silky like texture, build harmoniously the environment of the composition.

Visual reality is expressed by transforming ideas and visual experiences into a new image. An image that is mostly figurative, reveals the preciousness of human being and embodies human presence, usually in the pure age of childhood.  Human figures merge in the tranquility of nature.
The beauty and simplicity in nature encompasses the tiniest particles up to the vastness of the universe.


Since 2012, the process in my artwork begins as a spiritual journey, practicing the meditation exercises of Falun Dafa, a traditional Chinese way for self improvement and the assimilation to the universal values of Truth, Kindness and Tolerance in oneself.

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