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2015 Fairy Tales

 2015 Fairy Tales & 2014 Lunar Space

2014 Family group

2014 In harmony

2013 Lotus

2013 Strengthening Divine - Rose, Yellow, Green, Blue

2013 Connect & Support

2012 One Land Panoramic I & II

2012 Connect & Support
2012 One land 1
2012 One land 2

2012 The Eulogy of the Sea           

Textile colours, pencils & embroidery on upholstery textile, 140h X 300w cm


The work is inspired from the homonymous text by the Greek poet K.G.Kariotakis and the postscript from his farewell letter of 1928. The artwork strives to illustrate a personal sea. The cartography of the Mediterranean sea is converted into an intelligible space to isolate the moment and emphasize to the preciousness of each detail, as well as to the collective of the whole. The sea environment, its threatened species, the human presence, the historic and personal references coexist and organize the composition. The artwork invites the spectator into an inside dive in search for his own personal catharsis.

2012 The Eulogy of the Sea
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