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THE GARDEN 2020-23

HOMELAND 2020-23

THE CHILD 2023-24

NATURE 2020-23

"In Quest of Light, Beauty and Purity" is a series of twenty

paintings created in the years 2020 - 2024.


The Garden, Homeland, The Child and Nature,  each and every section complements the other in a harmonious coexistence of all.

Light creates the space, through a smooth tonal grading that is changing atmospherically, determining the infinite boundaries of earth, sea and sky. Soft, pastel shades of colour, with a silky like texture, build harmoniously the environment of the composition.

Visual reality is expressed by transforming ideas and visual experiences into a new image. An image that is mostly figurative, reveals the preciousness of human being, usually in the pure age of childhood.  Human figures merge and coexist in the tranquility of nature.


How is this coexistence achieved? On a material level through the light that diffuses, delineating the planes and the third dimension in the composition of the work. The subtle, airy and transparent nuances that create depth. The more detailed three-dimensional, painterly treatment of the protagonist elements, with bright colour tones that bring them into the foreground.

On a spiritual level, light inspires the truth. Beauty imparts a higher nobility to man and society. Purity as a virtue exalts human existence and purifies the mind.


Alphonse Mucha (Czech artist 1860 - 1939) wrote in the introduction of one of his lectures:

“The aim of art is to glorify beauty. And what is beauty? Beauty is the projection of moral harmonies on material and physical planes. On the moral plane, beauty addresses itself to the evolution of the spirit, and on the material plane, it addresses itself to the refinement of senses through which medium it reaches the soul.”

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