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Crocus hartmannianus   2020

Oil colour on canvas   70 X 100 cm                   


The painting focuses on environmental and identity issues, showing the preciousness of flora and fauna of a place in transition. The premeditated enlargement of the Crocus flower accents the value and symbolism of a natural element in extinction. The soft, pastel colours lend the depth in the composition and give the sense of a dream  that is lost in time. 


Crocus Hartmannianus 2020


Free to Meditate 2019 

Oil colour on canvas  60 X 70 cm


The composition shows the beauty of the ancient Chinese meditation practice, for body and mind, Falun Dafa, painted in soft and bright colours, creating an environment of pure harmony and serenity. 

Since 1999, people who practice Falun Dafa in China, are persecuted, imprisoned and tortured to death, because they follow a self improvement practice and cultivate virtue, by following the universal values of Truth, Kindness and Tolerance. 

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Summer Breeze 2019


A summer strolling in ways where earth, mountains, sea and sky merge without interventions. A journey in the serenity and peacefulness of nature, where oneself returns and awakens.

From Labyrinth to Light 2018

Acrylic, oil colour, graphite pencil and mixed media on canvas 150 X 150 cm


Four concentric circles define the space of a labyrinth, a symbol related to wholeness that represents the journey to our own centre and back again to the world. In the centre a round vintage lace refers to our inner self, where the Lotus flower above is the symbol of purity and rebirth to our spiritual awakening.  Three children enter the labyrinth space to experience this spiritual path of harmony and light.

2018 From Labyrinth to Light

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