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2010 - 2011 "Vertical Dreams and a Story"
The work deals with the DREAM as an idea, as an experience and expectation. The dream illustrates the ‘vertical journeys’ of the mind, and the soul. Seen through a surrealistic approach, the dream sets the fantasy free, creating a new reality.

2010 "Ludwig & Cleopatra" Selected pencil drawings & collage on paper

2008 - 2009 "A friendly environment..."

In this work, Marlen Karletidou strives to determine the environment in question through image. The image is not predetermined but is built progressively, just like a cinematographic film without a script. All the paintings begin and end together. The initial thoughts revolving around what is a friendly environment are reversed in the course of creation. Photographs - Documents are incorporated in the works and pose their own questions. The elements of nature, frugally and symbolically, portray the preciousness of their existence. The image is painted on recto-verso upholstery material which at times is used on its violet side and on other occasions on its more earth coloured side. The colours are acrylic and are combined with mixed media - collage/photograph and embroidery. 

2007 "Nature's Desires"

2007 "Modern Angels"